Look Like a Graphic Designer While Playing 3D Games On Samsung's 950 Monitor

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When this curvaceous monitor popped up a few weeks ago on a Korean blog, we all marvelled at the design but didn't yet know the spec. Now we know it converts 2D-to-3D, and comes in 23 and 27-inch options.


The screen resolution of the LED-backlit monitors is 1920 x 1080, and it has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Response time is listed at 2ms according to CNET, though that's just for the 23-inch S23A950D and 27-inch S27A950D monitors—if you want to spring for the more costly HDTV/monitor options (the 23-inch T23A950 or 27-inch T27A950), the response time increases to 5ms.


There are a plethora of inputs and outputs too: HDMI, USB 2.0, RF In, Audio Out, Digital Audio Out, PC Audio In, Component, Composite, Ethernet and RF Out. With the straight monitors, you're looking at just the DisplayPort and HDMI.

All models supposedly have an Eco Motion sensor, for switching the monitor off when you leave the room.

All on sale in March, Samsung hasn't confirmed the prices, but with that 3D conversion and ultra-premium design, expect it to be bucketloads. [CNET via UberGizmo]

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It also opens letters and big postal envelopes.