Looks Like ABC Might Be Quietly Cancelling Inhumans

Image: ABC
Image: ABC

We’ll miss you, Medusa. We’ll miss you, Medusa’s terrible CGI hair.

Inhumans, ABC’s adaptation of Marvel’s superhuman dynasty of the same name, has always been troubled, from the worrying early trailers to the somewhat abysmal first season. Rumors of the show’s cancellation have been swirling for nearly as long as it’s been on the air, but now we might have our first real confirmation of the show’s demise.


As first noticed by SpoilerTV, the series has disappeared entirely from ABC’s press site. It doesn’t appear in the dropdown menu, and the URL that used to lead to the show’s page no longer works. This isn’t quite an official confirmation of a cancellation (the show does still appear on the public-facing ABC site, though you can’t get to it from the main dropdown menu), but it’s not looking good, folks. There’s a dropdown option on this website for an unnamed Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. But not Inhumans.

Alas, poor Black Bolt, we hardly knew ye. Just for fun, here’s the error message that shows up on the ABC press website when you try to go to the Inhumans URL.

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That’s as good a review as any.

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It were a damn shame that Medusa’s wig never got to do the recaps for the show. :(