Looks Like Russians Were Behind the Target Hack

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A U.S. government report finally offers up some details about the series of hacks that led to theft of the debit card information for 40 million people and the personal information of 70 million. Based on chunks of computer code written in Russian, it appears our old Cold War foes may have been the culprits.

The report says that parts of the malicious code first popped up on the black market last spring and contains lines written in Russian. And of course "some dudes who speak Russian" aren't necessarily "Russia."


The report also says that the malware is very sophisticated, sophisticated enough to get past any antivirus software on the market. This is by no means proof that Russia carried out the attack which targeted Neiman Marcus and other so far unknown retailers. However, it does give investigators a lead to work with. It's not much, but it's something. [via WSJ]