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Lost Mayan City Found Hidden Under the Jungle

Illustration for article titled Lost Mayan City Found Hidden Under the Jungle

Thanks to 3D mapping, archaeologists have found the ancient Mayan city of Holtun, or Head of Stone. It's been long known that something was there but because of centuries of jungle covering the area, it was nearly impossible to know exactly what it was. The 3D topographical map effectively 'erased' the rain forest growth and revealed a pyramid, an astronomical observatory, a ritual ball court, numerous plazas, and hundreds of buildings.


According to Kathryn Reese-Taylor, a Preclassic Maya specialist, the Lost City of Holtun "was not a New York or Los Angeles, but it was definitely a Denver or Atlanta." Such a discovery is important so archaeologists can better understand how Mayans lived, worked and traded in these smaller, 'secondary' cities.

The Head of Stone site had actually popped up on archaeologist's radar back in the early 1990's thanks to looters who found the site first but the extent of what was hidden was never known—it's an entire freaking city after all! Read more about the find at National Geographic. [National Geographic, Red Orbit]

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Nothing to See Here!

It's so upsetting that the first thing they do is not get some pictures so the rest of the world can see. Or have they not yet actually been in there? Fair enough if they haven't but in the meantime I'll be composing the message below (Not really)

Dear National Geographic,

I'll be much more interested if you give me some pictures!!

From Settings

P.S. I'll tell you how to change your wallpaper if you provide some pictures ;)