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Lost Your Chimpanzees? Get Them Back With Chocolate

Illustration for article titled Lost Your Chimpanzees? Get Them Back With Chocolate

Yesterday, the chimpanzees of the Kansas City Zoo staged an escape attempt. Zoo workers managed to lure them back to safety with chocolate.


Local station KMBC reports:

Zoo Director Randy Wistoff said that a tree fell in an enclosure in the zoo's Africa exhibit. Seven of [the chimps] climbed the tree and got onto a perimeter wall and two or three of them wound up on the other side of the wall.

"Our problem becomes chimps are so much stronger than humans that they can go up in a tree and pull on something long enough and pull a piece of log off. That's apparently what happened," Wistoff said. "We had one ring leader, not sure who that was, but he got that log, put it on the wall got up on top, somehow then he beckoned other chimps to come over and join him and lured about six of them up with him."

Wistoff said the chimpanzees were never in any public areas, but it still made for tense moments for some zoo visitors.


In an official statement, the zoo explained that all of the chimpanzee escape artists were back in their enclosures within 90 minutes. They were apparently unable to resist the lure of some of their favorite treats: chocolate malt balls.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Thomas Lersch

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