Lots of People Confused Oprah for a Web Browser

Oprah's show is over—sob. But the league of spelling-challenged fans who email Opera (a niche browser, not a TV host) will probably continue. Opera's rounded up their favorites. YOU GET A MISTAKEN EMAIL! YOU GET A MISTAKEN EMAIL!

The emails run the gamut of bizarre, problem-stricken people who wish to sip from the fountain of Oprah wisdom: a woman with 4.5-foot long hair. A girl in dire need of Hannah Montana tickets. Someone who thinks the number "111" has special significance. The salt of the internet!


The Opera folks are very good sports, informing their deluded friends that they've reached a Norwegian software company, and not, in fact Oprah Winfrey. And they even try to help sometimes! I doubt you'd get this kind of intimate reply from Firefox. Although, how many confused emails do they get? There must be some strippers named Firefox or something out there. [Opera via Boing Boing]

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