Louis Vuitton Trunk Is a Vacation In Itself

Illustration for article titled Louis Vuitton Trunk Is a Vacation In Itself

Who needs clothes on vacation when you can carry two solar panels, a flatscreen TV, DVD player, two-way radio and coffee maker with you wherever you go?


This one-off was commissioned by some Chinese guy to Louis Vuitton, and is coated with Taiga leather and LV's standard brass fittings and red interior finish. Absurd, yes—but if we ever become a millionaire and go on vacation, we'd want one of these too. If some Chinese guy can make them build this, why not me? I'm some Chinese guy! [Luxury Insider via Luxury Launches via Luxist via Born Rich]

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Why all the negativity? This is awesome. Steamer chests are cool; solar powered steamer chests ate the sh**!!!