Lousy Human Bastards!

Nothing is more awesome than watching Ricardo Montalban yell, "Lousy human bastards!" in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes - best flick of the series, and about to get a (hopefully awesome) remake.

This scene is from early in the 1972 film that traces the revolt of the apes against their human slavemasters. Ricardo is the caretaker of hyper-evolved Caesar, the secret son of Zira and Cornelius - the two apes who traveled back in time from the ape-dominated 40th Century to futuristic 1991. Long kept away from mainstream society, Caesar is shocked to see how cruelly the ape slaves are treated. And he yells one of scifi's classic lines: "Lousy human bastards!" A line which Ricardo happily takes up.


The premise of this film, which is about to be remade as a movie tentatively called Caesar, is that a plague killed all cats and dogs on Earth. So humans started keeping apes as pets, which quickly evolved into keeping them as slaves.

Caesar eventually leads the apes in a violent revolution. The film's original ending found Caesar vowing to destroy human society, but apparently that didn't go over well with test audiences. So it was reshot to include a slightly less incendiary speech from Caesar, followed by his ape girlfriend Lisa speaking for the first time. She cries out "No!" when he advocates too much violence.

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes via IMDB


Josh Wimmer

Actually, Batman throwing an exploding lightsaber at Wolverine while Bruce Lee riding Battle Cat fights Voltron is more awesome, but otherwise, you're right, Annalee.