Love Batmobile For Sale

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One of the four original Batmobiles will be auctioned off this February in London. I can't believe it's expected to sell for only $150,000.


Scenario: Civil war breaks out in parts of the Middle East and things look pretty hopeless. Suddenly, the Batfreakingmobile busts in, with its cigarette lighter jet engine and sweet tail fins. POW, BAM, ZWAPO! Everything is better.

I implore you, richer-than-me people: someone good and just must purchase this super vehicle. If it were to fall into the wrong hands...we would be doomed. What is $150,000 when weighed against world peace and as much ass as you could handle next Saturday night?

I knew you'd see things my way. Start the bidding.

Holy Smoke, Batman! [via bornrich]



I've seen the Newport Beach one driving along PCH a couple of times. I've alway wondered if it was an original or a copy. Thanks for the clarification stevo (I don't agree that OC is wonderful though)!