Love Ravioli But Suck at Making It? This Clever Rolling Pin Will Help

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Why would you choose to swirl boring ass spaghetti around your fork instead of biting into a delicious, cheesy mouthful of ravioli? Unfortunately, the fun pasta shapes are harder to make. But it doesn't have to be so hard.

If engineer Michael Finizio gets his way, you won't have to settle for beginner's noodles just because you're not great at folding dough. His Fonde rolling pin is a remarkably elegant method of making ravioli.


Finizio's Kickstarter for Fonde was successfully funded on the first day it launched, which is not surprising, because the Fonde already looks like something Williams-Sonoma should be peddling for a gross amount of money. And ravioli rolling pins do exist, but Finizio's engineering and attention to detail make his version an especially smart solution.

And the off-label uses for this beautiful wooden contraption are endless: you could make square pierogies! Or tiny calzones! The dumpling-based possibilities boggle the mind and water the mouth. [Kickstarter]

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growing up with 2 very Italian parents and eating fresh pasta often I can say this is not even close to new. My grandmother has been using one of these since I can remember. It's just how you make ravioli. Don't need Kickstarter. You can buy one online right now for less than $20.…

EDIT: I realize that he acknowledges that ravioli pins already exist. No one ever complained about them to begin with and to say he "perfected" something that has been around longer than he's been alive is rather arrogant. Nevermind charging almost 4x as much for pretty much the same thing that already exists.