LSD, Sexy Fonts and Muppet Genitalia: The Strangest Tech Q&A We've Ever Witnessed

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Thousands of you Twittered up to feed questions about tech—and some Muppet-based ones—to guest editor Peter Serafinowicz. He answered 25 in a torrent of wordplay. While we await his first guest post, here's the amazing #PSQA playback:

@mort47: What is the greatest threat to the Internet?
@serafinowicz: Becoming clogged with sperm.


@grapesy: Where are my shoes?
@serafinowicz: On your OTHER feet.

@graham_williams: What will supercede Blu-Ray?
@serafinowicz: Yello-Keith

@FranLT: what sci-fi movie is most likely to happen?
@serafinowicz: Avatar 2 :(

@WeeMammie: What is Ohm's law?
@serafinowicz: A new NBC show about a crimefighting physicist

@burticus: What does a spider fear the most?
@serafinowicz: Arachnophiles

@adeward: What is a kernel panic, anyway?
@serafinowicz: When you crunch on an unactivated popcorn

@IanHewett: How do you remove stains from duvets?
@serafinowicz: Anticlimax

@John40DT: What is your mobile phone ringtone?
@serafinowicz: I don't know, because my iPhone is on O2

Ed. Note: In the US, of course, the answer ought to read: "I don't know, because my iPhone is on AT&T"

@colinbewley: What is the sexiest font?
@serafinowicz: Gill Sans Clothes

@uphallman: Why does my TV not work anymore?
@serafinowicz: Gay cabaret is dying out :(

@bensholto: What's your favourite 80s movie?
@serafinowicz: I prefer my movies to be at least two minutes.

@jbjon: If you had a time machine, what would you do?
@serafinowicz: I've already destroyed it, next year.

@Hyperchuckle: What mammal would best play you in a biopic?
@serafinowicz: Probably a human.

@KarenMesser: Do you think we really went to the moon?
@serafinowicz: No Karen, we took LSD remember? It was a parking lot

@shaunkellett: Whats a must have in a game collection?
@serafinowicz: A pheasant.

@Tweetzart: What does The Terminator have for breakfast?
@serafinowicz: A simple bowl of Iron filings and oil.

@CrowGray: How do I fix my Xbox's Red Ring of Death?
@serafinowicz: First, stop having sex with it.

@drewalmighty: Where do muppet babies come from?
@serafinowicz: Muppet vaginas.

@louisethumwood What's your favourite sex toy?
@serafinowicz: Probably my ejaculating Jack-In -The-Box.

@AustinJCook: What's your favorite operating system?
@serafinowicz: They're all good as long as you sterilize your instruments.

@Snarglepip: whats coming out after the ipad?
@serafinowicz: Geek sperm.

@Illustruction: what would you do if you had a Tron Lightcycle?
@serafinowicz: Play 'Snake'


@colinbewley: How does 3D television work?
@serafinowicz: Mini-actors.

@LiamHambley: Whats your favourite console?
@serafinowicz: "There, there."

Honorable mention—the best question for which there was no funnier answer:

@FantonEsquire: When will 'Avatar' be released on VHS?

Peter Serafinowicz, a celebrated British writer/producer/director/actor/musician/comedian/voice model, is joining us for a few weeks to talk about the tech issues that delight, frustrate and motivate him every day. He recently launched his Peter Serafinowicz Show DVD in the UK—also on YouTube—and will soon release his Look Around You DVD in the USA. This fall, he will be starring with Will Arnett in a Fox sitcom created by Arrested Development's Mitchell Hurwitz. If you don't already follow Peter on Twitter, you should be ashamed of yourself.




Excuse my ignorance, but what is a voice model?

Actor : Model : : Voice Actor : Voice Model ?