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Sexologists, trainers, and pornstars create sexercises to boost stamina

Lube brand KY created a Sexercise program with sexologists, personal trainers and porn professionals to help you perform better in bed. They think sex needs training too and it's true. You realize that when you try to have sex standing up and seconds later your legs start shaking and you feel you're about to pass out.


KY agreed to put this on the internet but my gut tells me this is just a spec ad—an ad created to participate in advertising festivals—and not something you might see in a gym. Anyhow the ad is really funny and got me thinking that I need to start working out again.


Here's their first class (it's in Spanish, but I'm sure everyone can follow):

You can subscribe to the guide YouTube's channel here.

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Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

Nothing like the struggle between rising pleasure and falling energy. Sometimes, I push too hard for an orgasm and end up completely out of breath and light headed afterwards.