LucasArts Leaks New SIXAXIS?

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On the LucasArts website promoting their new Star Wars game, publicity shots show images of an unseen controller with the Sony branding. In this redesign, the left analog stick has been swapped with the D-pad (in a similar fashion to the 360 and Gamecube controllers). So is it real?


At E3, Kotaku received confirmation on rumble returning to the PS3 controllers from an unnamed third-party publisher. We posted Sony responding to the rumor here. If Sony were to give rumble back to their customers, it would also seem like the only good time for a controller layout adjustment, since packaging the redesigns together would prevent a potentially hazardous third SKU on the market. So logically it could be real, but if this shot is actually a leak, we're calling it intentional. [kotaku]

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Sorry, nothing fishy is going on or revealing.

Go to Enter "ps3 controller" in the search box. Click on "Images" to search for pictures. They just stole the right image on the second row and thought that was the ps3 controller.

That controller was made as a joke in someone's forum post from 2005 when we still thought we may be getting a boomerang.