Lullabub Automatic Cot Rocker

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Useful baby gadgets are pretty rare around these parts, but the Lullabub Cot Rocker is easily the best baby gadget on the market. This gadget consists of four modules that are placed underneath the legs of a cot or crib. It will then gently rock the crib automatically in a choice of four rhythms to help the baby go to sleep. It even includes a night light, automatic timer and a remote control.

The Lullabub can simulate the motion of a mother's womb, mother's heartbeat, drive in a car or boat on water. It is currently sold out, but another wave is set for an august release. Pick it up for $230 and get some sleep.

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This should also decrease the chances of loosing your little one to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrom).

It has been shown that babies who sleep in the same bed as their parents (DO NOT DO SLEEP IN THE SAME BED AS YOUR NEWBORN) have decreased instances of SIDS. The current theory is that the movement of the parents causes the infant to start breathing again if they stop.