LulzSec Leaks 62,000 Email/Password Combo Internet Goodie Bag (Updated)

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Fresh off their face-kicking of the CIA's website, LulzSec just decided to go with something a little less political: a 60k+ set of login info for... they won't say. But they're encouraging everyone to try 'em out across the web.


So far, eager downloaders have been retweeting claimed prizes of pilfered WoW, PayPal, porn, and Gmail accounts. Lulz hasn't said where they got the data, or what it's good for—instead, they're just encouraging their retinue to "Be creative instead of being a potato. Try PayPal combinations, twitter, Facebook, eBay, Runescape. Pick a target from the list."

It's an exciting day for the group and their fans. Unless your PayPal account just got jacked, in which case you are probably feeling lulz-deficient at the moment. I think it may be safe to say that LulzSec has officially supplanted Anon as the preeminent internet force of thunderous chaos for the time being. [LulzSec]

Update: Hacker News quotes Mikko Hypponen of security firm F-Secure, who bets the leak's origin is the user database of, an obscure, 90s-looking "Website for Writers." Why? Many of the passwords reference books, reading, or "writerspace" itself.


Jeff Kibuule

This right here has definitely pushed me to start using something like LastPass.