Woah: Lulz Security Just Took On the CIA

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Lulzsec, that merry band of hackers responsible for raids on Bethesda Softworks, the US Senate, Sony, terrorists, and rival hackers, has bagged maybe its biggest fish yet: the CIA. [Updated]


Lulz Security announced via Twitter that they'd taken down CIA.gov (which is, for the record, still incapacitated) a little before 6PM EST. No details about their methodology (presumably DDOS?), or the motive behind/beyond the lulz. Which, really, who needs more reason than that to take on the intelligence wing of the US government?

At the rate Lulz is going, their conquests will be Napoleonic before the summer's out. And at this point, it's hard to see how they'll be stopped, short of a land war in Russia.

Update: Looks like there may have been a motive after all, albeit an unlikely one. Apparently LolzSec was goaded into the CIA attack by random Twitterer
Quadrapodacone, who repeatedly called LulzSec soft for attacking what he considered small-fry targets. And good news! He's still not impressed. So don't be surprised if CIA.gov turns into a hosting service for Mama Cass gifs before this whole thing runs its course. [LulzSec]


The impressive part isn't that they succeeded, but that they had the balls to do it. Now i'm waiting for the article where these kids get dragged out of their homes as terrorists...