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Luna Resort Project Will Build a Tiny Swedish House on the Moon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As countries begin planning moon missions for over a decade from now, an artist known for his whimsical hotels has launched a plan to put a traditional Swedish "stuga" on the moon.

Artist Mikael Genberg has already put a hotel underwater, and another one 30 meters up in a tree. He's also designed a place called "Cafe Koala," where all the chairs are as tall as eucalyptus trees. So naturally his next target is the moon.


He wants to erect a Swedish house called a "stuga" on the moon - similar to the ones he put in the tree and underwater - soon after 2020 in order to house visiting astronauts, and allow them to do experiments. He hopes, rather whimsically, that creating such a house will glorify Sweden, and unite people around the idea that they can achieve anything if they work together. He has a lot of backers for the project already, so perhaps this will be the first offworld stop for Virgin Galactic.

Luna Resort [via Intelligent Travel] Thanks, Marilyn Terrell!