Mac minis Turned Into Other Fetish Boxes People Drool Over

Apple might neglect the Mac mini more than apparently hipsters do showers in mid-August, but some people love it enough to lavish it with the attention no one else does. Hideo Takano is one of those people, transforming the little fetish block into other boxes people obsess over: an over-sized Lego block for Apple-loving manboys to dream of building a Mac minizord, and a cute little gas can for pyromaniacs. Or simply other Macs-like a Quadra or a Mac Pro. We really love the bright red gas can:


Do check out the rest of his roundup at Mac Mod Lab. The Pro envy feels a played out, though an actual Pro stuffed into a mini would be worthy of wankage. [Mac Mod Lab via Technabob]


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