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Mac OS X Lion Is Basically Done

Mac OS X Lion, perhaps the last in a pride of big cats has gone gold and is now being seeded to developers. That means it's basically finished. Roar. [9 to 5 Mac]


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In the name of all that is holy and for the love of your favorite IT guy or gal, please do not buy Lion. Tell everyone you know to skip this version, boycott it, if it is gifted to you then burn the code. If you own a mac, then stop at snow leopard. Sys Admins have a difficult enough job working with discs, now no discs means APPLE HATES IT GUYS. We must join together and tell Apple, "We hate download only." Lion offers no meaningful or substantive advance over SL. Let Apple learn the hard way that their closed system only hurts and alienates faithful customers.

That is all. Please continue on with your day.