Sources near Apple have revealed that the upcoming Mac Pro desktops to be unveiled by Steve Jobs at the Apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC) next month will contain a pair of Intel Xeon 5100 processors, formerly code-named "Woodcrest." The processor, which integrates a 4MB L2 cache, is capable of running up to 3GHz.


There will reportedly also be a lower-cost single-processor version of the Mac Pro desktop available. The source said that Jobs will be showing off these two new pro-targeted desktops running Mac OS X 10.5, affectionately known by fanboys the world over as Leopard. Even though there will probably be other Linux and Windows-based desktops running the same processors and released on similar timetables, Jobs will predictably call this Mac version "the fastest personal computer in the world."

Woodcrest to power Apple's next-gen Mac Pro desktops [Apple Insider]

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