MacBook Pro Is the Fastest Windows Vista Notebook

Illustration for article titled MacBook Pro Is the Fastest Windows Vista Notebook

Looking for a shiny new notebook to slap your shiny new Windows Vista on that'll run it all super snappy and buttery smooth? According to PC World's tests, the fastest Windows Vista notebook this year is (or ever): the MacBook Pro. Yeah, it makes throw up in my mouth a little bit before forcing me to contemplate succumbing to Apple's siren song. Anyway, for the record, its WorldBench 6 Beta 2 score of 88 bests Gateway's E-265M by one point, making it the king of Windows on the road, at least for now. It's just a little sad, that's all. [PC World]



I think I read somewhere that Apple is trying to shift over to the term "notebook" because their portables are too damn hot to be used on laps ;-p

Heh, I'm an Apple fan but I'd have to agree with that sentiment. Then again, I guess most notebooks/laptops running the higher end CPUs these days get pretty hot regardless of make.