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MacBook: Star of MacWorld, So Far

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After the Jobs keynote, the Gizmodo team hit the MacWorld show floor as soon as it could to scope out the potential newsworthy items. By far, the coolest product on display so far is the MacBook, judging by the 10-person crush of people waiting to touch the thing. Even the Intel-based iMac doesn't compete.

Getting a quick glance at the MacBook, it looks almost identical to the existing 15-inch PowerBook. The only differences we could spot are the tiny iSight camera lens and the new logo (see side-by-side comparison in photo). We were shunted aside before we could try any applications to get a feel for the speed, but the person doing the demo of iPhoto was flying through the thing.


We also ran to the San Francisco Apple store three blocks away to try to take a closer look. As of 11 am Tuesday, nothing new was on display — disappointing, since this is the flagship. Guess we'll have to wait until February to see it in a store.

We'll have a deeper hands-on as soon as the madness stops.

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