Jobs's keynote starts in an hour. The media holding pen is full; up the stairs we can see the BETTER media holding pen, though Dan Lurie assures me they're just VIPs of some other sort. "They actually get food and water," he says, bitter that the Moscone Center has no water fountains (the better to extort $10 from you for a bottle of Aquafina).

I'm using a Compaq Evo. I feel less hate than I expected; it's more of a smirking pity for the schmuck with an ugly machine. We'll see how those bastards like it when I'm first in line for an Intel iBook. And when I'm rich and famous and have beautiful women and I'LL SHOW YOU ALL, SMUG MAC OWNERS.

The "Apple's selling plasma TVs" rumor is catching on and nearly being reported as a solid prediction. I still call bull.


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