Believe it or not, there's a site dedicated to deceive kids into thinking that Santa Claus exists: Send photo, pay $10 and they insert Santa. Can you guess what Santa is doing here?

1. Where the fuck did they put that whisky bottle for "daddy"?
2. Rudolph, treat me with love.
3. First your wife, now your car.
4. Man, that Mrs. Claus was such a fat bitch.
5. This number five tastes delicious.
6. My head is bigger than your stool!


Now, you try in the comments.

I know. This is wrong. The web site, I mean. [Capture the Magic- Thanks Brice, who candidly promoted this site to me over AIM saying: "the internet age, keeping the magic alive! How cool is that!?" So true, dear Brice, so true]