“Magick Chicks” sends mean girls to monster-hunting school

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After getting expelled from their school for teenaged monsters, a trio of witches enrolls in an all-girl academy for monster hunters. To fit in, they'll have to hide their witchy natures and contend with a telekinetic queen bee.


Gisèle Lagacé has a storied career in webcomics, having collaborated with T Campbell on Cool Cat Studio and Penny and Aggie, and currently running Ménage à 3 (as NSFW as the title suggests) and Eerie Cuties (previously). Her latest endeavor is Magick Chicks (co-written by Dave Lumsdon with final art by Shouri), a spinoff of Eerie Cuties.

Teen witch Melissa Hellrune has been expelled from Charybdis Heights, a high school for not particularly terrifying monsters, along with her coven, the impotently scheming Cerise and the boy-crazy Jacqui, and subsequently enrolled in Artemis Academy. The three are determined to rule their new school (something they failed at miserably in their last one), but on day one, they encounter a few hiccups. For one thing, Artemis Academy is an all-girl school. ("But how do you determine who's popular if there are no boys to impress?" Melissa wails.) For another, it already has a queen bee, Faith Abbott, student body president and head of the Esper Cadets. Faith rules the school with a lightly perfumed fist, treating her fellow students as her personal army – and her personal harem. And then there's the small detail that if monster-hunting students knew the magick chicks' true nature, they would not suffer a witch to live.

It sounds like a recipe for a comic about gossip and backbiting, but thus far, Magick Chicks has focused largely on super-powered battles – and not just between Faith and her rivals. The students at brother school Apollo Academy try to count coup against the Artemis students, but they're little match for the fearsome female cadets. And there's a mystery that Lumsdon and Lagacé have set up, but have yet to explore: the coven was enrolled in Artemis Academy by the Charybdis Heights administration. Why would a school for monsters send its cast-offs to a school for monster hunters? Does Charybdis Heights have larger plans for the witchy three?

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I'm a big fan of Gisèle Lagacé, however, she does leave story lines dangling for days while she follows a different one.