Magnets Might Chase Those Blues Away

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We've been hearing wild stories recently about researchers using magnetic stimulation of the brain to make a sleep-on-demand machine, and now here's a magnetic brain stimulator that psychiatrists might use to treat clinical depression. It's supposed to send an electromagnetic pulse 3cm into your brain, and somehow stimulate the prefrontal cortex, that part of the brain responsible for making you a civilized human being.


At the same time, it gets that blood flowing more freely, making you feel oh-so-good. Hey, who wouldn't want a magnetic strap-on to chase the blues away? The FDA is testing this thingamajig, and if all goes well we could be catching a buzz from this magnetic toaster by the end of next year. Hang on, you depressed souls, help is on the way.

The Magnetic Brain Stimulator Will See You Now [Wired]


When I used to work in news, when I felt depressed I'd go use the bulk eraser for 3/4" tapes on my head. Made me feel better, and got rid of the stress.