Mairine Big Wave Surfing Jacket Makes You Look Like a B-Series Superhero

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If you always wanted to be engulfed by a hundred tons of shark-infested water, you really need one of these Mairine surfing jackets. It really can save your life. If this thing were real.

The Mairine—University of New South Wales student Grant Humphreys' finalist design for the Australian Design Awards—is a jacket for big wave surfing, the kind that requires the surfer to be towed to the wave's location under extreme weather conditions. You know, when surfing stops to be really JackJohnsonish fun and starts being extremely fun. Until you die.

To avoid the Bodhi ending, the Mairine has a air canister in the back, which can quickly inflate the jacket in case of emergency. The inflation could be manual, or if the surfer falls unconscious, a manual spring-loaded timer will fire the canister and push the surfer up so the sharks can see him better. [Student Design Awards]