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You don t have to be the Great Gatsby to have a high-quality sound system in your house. Sure, it helps, what with the resources of a bootlegging operation at your fingertips, but it s not necessary. Onkyo s coming out with the X-T1, an audio system that will put a $400 hole in your pocket when it's released this February (in Japan, at least). It includes a standard AM/FM tuner, woofer and built-in amp, but what sets it apart is what Onkyo calls aero acoustic drive. This little feature automatically senses the room s surroundings in an effort to make your house sound like a symphony hall. Like every other audio system on the market nowadays, it s easily hooked up to an iPod. Soon enough, you ll be able to dance around to It s Raining Stuff with all the pristine audio quality you deserve.

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