Make Your Own Forecasts With this Tiny Smartphone Weather Station

If there's one thing your local TV weatherperson is good at, it's getting the forecast wrong—at least according to anyone over 50. So why rely on a TV personality to tell you tomorrow's forecast, when this compact weather station that attaches to your smartphone's headphone jack can provide all the data you need to make your own predictions?

The Skywatch Windoo is about the size of a small Chapstick, and when attached to your smartphone it feeds data to an accompanying iOS or Android app giving you a wealth of meteorological information that's sure to make you the life of any party.

The Windoo is available in three different versions ranging in price from around $66 to $111, and while each version comes with basic anemometer wind speed functionality, the more expensive versions add wind direction, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure readings. Basically everything you'll need to make an educated guess about tomorrow's weather—minus the overly-coiffed hairdo. [Windoo via Gizmag]

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That would be very helpful on the farm but the nexus 5 isn't listed as a supported phone. Does anyone who knows way more about that stuff then me know why if it works in one headphone jack it won't work in a different one?