Make Your Own Hand-Cranked GIF Machine With This $99 Kit

Illustration for article titled Make Your Own Hand-Cranked GIF Machine With This $99 Kit

We've seen a number of artists create hand-cranked "GIF machines" over the past few months, from the Giphoscope to Juan Fontanive's creations. The only problem is how expensive they are—but now, thanks to this handy little kit, you can make your own on the cheap.


The package comes courtesy of FlipBookKit, a company founded by two artists after it was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year. You can buy standard flip books on their website, but the do-it-yourself kit sounds like way more fun. It shows up with all the laser-cut mechanics you need—you just insert a 24 frame GIF and tighten it up with a screwdriver.

Another plus: The kit includes a tiny motor, which means you can mount this thing on the wall and make it fly without cranking its handle. [$99; MakerShed]