Make Your Own Reindeer Lunar Module

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Hey it's almost Christmas so we're feeling festive around here. We're loving these DIY Rudolph Lunar Guidance Modules.


If you're also feeling the spirit, you can make your own adorable reindeer. Just buy a Lunar Lander from Papertronics (directions are included) and download the pattern for the horns. Hurry if you want it in time for Christmas. Each module has a light up electronic circuit inside, which in this case you have to place on the nose because you need a Rudolph, obviously. But if you want to have an entire team you have to buy a couple of sets, because the landers come three to a pack. Unfortunately they don't actually fly. [SparkleLabs]

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Chip Skylark of Space

Of course, one of them needs to be made with a red light and not a orange one.