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One of the knocks against Skype, the free VoIP service, is that you need to use a special phone that either plugs into your computer or acts as a standalone device. While this may work perfectly for people who have ditched their landline, the rest of us probably wouldn't mind seeing some way to incorporate regular phones into Skype phones. The VoSKY Call Centre (yes, the Queen's English spelling and all) from Actiontec functions as a mini switchboard (or "call center") of sorts that lets the user plug in any phone and start making Skype or SkypeOut calls. Once it's plugged into a phone jack, you can either plug in your regular phone or your computer and the Call Centre takes care of the rest. Additionally, the Call Center performs all the Skype functions you've come to know and love, such as call forwarding to any phone number. The VoSKY Call Centre is available (in the UK for now, at least) for about $70.

Actiontec VoSky Call Centre [Product Page] via Shiny Shiny