If a tiny workshop has prevented you from adding one of MakerBot's Replicator 3D printers to your toolkit, today is your lucky day. The company has announced a smaller version of its Replicator 3D printer—aptly called the Replicator Mini—with a smaller footprint, easy one-touch printing, and even a networked camera inside allowing you to remotely keep tabs on a print job in process. It will be available sometime this spring for $1,375.

MakerBot also revealed an updated version of its flagship 3D printer, simply called the Replicator, instead of the Replicator 3. In addition to an eleven percent larger capacity, the new Replicator introduces a color LCD display, an easy to level printing plate, and an ethernet port for faster transfers of 3D models. It's available for pre-order now, and will set you back $2,899.

And finally, for those who need a 3D printer on the other end of the size spectrum, MakerBot has introduced its new Replicator Z18 which has a massive 12x12x18-inch chamber with 2,592 cubic inches of capacity. The new printer incorporates all of the wonderful features of the other two new Replicator, including the color LCD display, the camera, and ethernet/wireless capabilities, but allows makers to print more than just tiny components. It will also be available sometime this spring, and while pricing hasn't been revealed just yet, it will probably be targeted at those with ample funding. [MakerBot]