Making Every Part of a Book from Scratch Is So Much More Work Than I Thought

A book is a very simple thing, right? It’s just a bunch of paper with some scribbles. But if you wanted to make a book from scratch, it’s basically an impossible task. Watch as Andy George from How to Make Everything chops wood, strips papyrus, makes glue from hide, carve out a pencil from a stick, make a brush from horse hair, and so much more. It’s a really intensive process to get paper from natural materials.


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OK, why does he need vellum AND papyrus (which was never used in making codex books) AND cotton paper AND hemp paper AND wood pulp paper? Five kinds of paper? Pencil AND quill pen? Why? And not to knock this person’s hard work, but you don’t cut pages that way, you don’t bind them that way, and the result is kind of a sorry looking book.