Making GIFs From YouTube Videos Has Never Been Easier

There's a wealth of YouTube-to-GIF services out there, but the newest kid on the block makes the barrier to entry a mere three keystrokes and a click or two. With GIF YouTube, you'll be throwing around bespoke reaction GIFs in no time.


No need to remember another website or—god forbid—open another tab and copy-paste a URL. With GIF YouTube you just have to insert "gif" right into the address bar, changing the domain from vanilla "" to "" which brings up tool and loads your video of choice automatically.

From there you still have to pick the time to start the GIF, and how long it should be, but URL shortcut is as handy as it is clever. Sure, you'll get better results if you just make your own GIFs like a true artisan, but until you learn how to do it the long/right way, you'll never have to wonder "what was the name of that GIF site?" again. [GIF YouTube via Laughing Squid]



This is a good tool for sites that allow the posting of images. Why is it on Kinja?