Man Commits Suicide and Streams it On Webcam

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A man in Utah shot himself in the chest with a hunting rifle and died while his ex-girlfriend watched over a webcamera. Watching a loved one hurt themselves has to be terrible, but watching over the internet, helpless to stop it, has to be a lot worse. Terrible.


If you struggle with suicidal thoughts please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255.



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@DeusExMach: Speaking as someone with experience (I lost my last girlfriend to suicide in June) I was thankful that it didn't happen at my house and especially that I did not witness the act. I can't even imagine how much more traumatized I would be if that had happened (though I am still pretty messed up as it is right now) so my heart definitely goes out for the girl.

Suicides a fucked up thing and humor is good to help express emotion but people really need to lay off attacking the dude even though it's pretty messed up the way he did it. Not one person on this site knows what he was going through and who are we to judge him and call him names.

Yes he did a fucked up thing, many people every year do, show some decency. This was a man with a life and friends and an ex girlfriend who will "probably" never forget that day.