Man Faces Five Years in Jail—For Reading Wife's Emails

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This case is a bit Jerry Springer, but interesting nonetheless. Rochester Hills man Leon Walker has been charged with unlawfully reading his wife's emails—which showed she was having an affair with her violent second husband.

Walker forwarded the emails to the woman's first husband, who is the father of her son, out of a sense of duty for the protection of the child—but now faces a possible five-year jail term for breaking a Michigan identity fraud law.

A legal gray area is expected to be probed by the case, thanks to the nature of the snooping. Walker accessed his wife's emails on a laptop he claims the family shared, using a password she stored in a book next to the computer. It wasn't exactly high-level hacking. [Freep]


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This far too confusing for my mind.

So 3rd husband reads emails and notices she's cheating with 2nd husband and then emails 1st husband to tell him this? Quite some woman!