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According to reports floating around the intertubes, a young man was walking at night in Kunitachi, a suburb of western Tokyo, when when muggers attacked him for his iPhone, which turned out to be a cigarette case. Besides the fact that the alleged mugging took place in a country where iPhones aren't yet remotely for sale, several days before they even go on sale in the US, reports of the man's press testimony sounded a little too fishy.

"If they're that desperate they could have had my iRiver player instead—I really want a smoke now. Besides, my real phone has 3.6Mbps HSDPA; an IC-chip that works as a train ticket, bus ticket, e-cash, e-credit and can open doors; a 5-megapixel camera with optical zoom and auto-focus; real songs as ringtones; a dictionary; face recognition; a barcode reader and ringtones that make my girlfriend's tits bigger. Oh, and not only did it cost me nothing, I'm not stuck with a two-year contract either."


The points were all a little too targeted anti-iPhone to be taken seriously. And it wasn't just the breast-enlarging ringtone thing that made us call BS.

First iPhone muggings reported - and it hasn't even launched yet ... [Digital World Tokyo]


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