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Man Pays Medical Bill in Pennies. Man Gets a Ticket.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I can't imagine ever using more than 25 pennies to pay for anything. All that copper and insignificant value, who really cares! Apparently, Jason West. He paid for a medical bill with 2,500 pennies. Too bad he got a ticket for that.

West, a 38-year-old man from Utah, must've been saving those pennies for a perfect moment to spend it all. Think about the pain of keeping those 'ol Lincolns around, counting out $25 worth, lugging it around and then paying with them. We live in an age with so many credit cards and online shopping that I go by months without seeing a penny. What West did requires a lifetime of calculation.


And I'd totally applaud West for getting rid of all his unnecessary coinage because I get a ton of satisfaction out of using all my pennies. Too bad, the dude is a dickhead. West felt that he didn't actually owe the $25 medical bill that was charged to him so to stick it to the man, he dickishly poured all 2,500 pennies onto the pay counter and demanded that the staff count them up. What an ass.

Police stuck him with a citation for disorderly conduct. It's a ticket that'll cost him around $140. No word if he's going to pay in pennies. [AOL]


Image Credit: Shutterstock/Marcio Jose Bastos Silva