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Man Saws His Stuff In Half After Getting a Divorce (Correction: Fake!)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Correction: Turns out this was a fake! It’s a marketing stunt from a German website that helps people find lawyers.


Original story: Getting a divorce is no picnic, but having to separate all of the devices, vehicles, and furniture you and your spouse shared can add another dimension of stress to the ordeal. Here’s one option, if you’ve got a dark sense of humor and a saw: Cut all that shit in half.

That, at least, is what German YouTuber “Der Juli” decided to do as a final act of revenge against his ex. Using a variety of power tools, the man slices up furniture, a TV set, a bicycle and even a car—although the way that half car is supporting itself leads me to suspect there might be a little Photoshop at play. Regardless, it’s a clever idea and oddly satisfying to watch.


He’s put the halves up for auction on Ebay, if anyone would like to inherit a piece of his misfortune.


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