Man Told His All-Terrain Wheelchair Can't Be Used as It Resembles a Tank

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Jim Starr's wheelchair may be able to transport him across snow, sand and surf (and probably even the surface of the moon), but he won't be wheelin' it on British roads any longer because it's been classed as a tank.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency told the 36-year-old, who uses wheelchairs because of arthritis, neurological issues and back and joint problems, that it's due to his wheelchair resembling more of a tank than a chair. At 107cm wide and 220kg in weight, it's well over the maximum for wheelchairs, which is apparently just 85cm in width and 125kg.


Even though it runs 100km/hr slower than fellow Brit Colin's pimped mobility scooter, the DVLA has told him he can only use it on private land. At a cost of $24,000, that's one helluva pricey toy to hoon around on in his backyard. [The Mercury]