Man Who Dressed Up as Sniper to Rob Museum Says It Was Just a Bad, Early Halloween

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The sad story of Gregory Liascos—who was found by police lying outside a museum wearing a sniper's ghillie suit, ostensibly preparing to rob said museum—got sadder. His explanation? It was just a halloween costume, and a "bad day."

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Liascos, during his day in court, told reporters that because of this mysteriously "bad day," (how bad could it have been?) he donned a halloween costume his children gave him and was lying in the grass out of fear of a nearby (police) dog. Why he was lying in the grass next to the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, why he had brought a backpack along with him, why he had punched a hole in the wall of the museum, why his children allegedly thought it would be fun for daddy to dress up as a sniper—all these will likely remain unknown mysteries of the cosmos. The whole travail has, however, earned him the local nickname of "Moss Man," which is sort of cool, but doesn't cancel out the really sad and bizarre parts.