Manly Bike Basket Holds Heavy, Manly Things

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When you think "bike baskets," you probably see a flimsy decoration on the front of a beach-cruiser. The Takeout would feel more at home on an F-150 Superduty. It's designed to carry the heavy things that matter. Like beer.

When designing this basket, Portland Design Works never lost sight of what's important. For example, its dimensions perfectly fit a six pack of oat soda. The U lock slot is another nice touch which allows you to ditch that stupid plastic latch that came with your lock but doesn't actually work. Also included in the $120 price tag is a waterproof rolltop bag for storing your goods when the going gets wet.


I'm thoroughly excited about the beer-carrying potential of such a basket but I do have some reservations about the potential for weight imbalance. It would be cruelly ironic if one were to crash because of a six pack of beer that they didn't even drink. [Product Page via Wired]