Mind-reading wearable kitty tail wags when you're happy

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Neuro Wear's Necomini ears, which read your brainwaves and display your emotions, ruled San Diego Comic-Con this year, with huge crowds of people donning the $100 gizmos. Now the company is moving from heads to tails, with a matching kitten tail that knows when to wag.

Once Neuro Wear brought its ears on to the market, it was only a matter of time before it developed a tail. However, the tail also introduces a social media component. If it's not enough that you can broadcast your location at all points in time to your myriad social media outlets, you can also broadcast your mood, as recorded by the tail, dubbed "Shippo."


Personally, I'm not up for an accessory that invites folks to stare at my bum, but the promo video is actually rather cute, and I could see why someone might want to add a wagging tail to their wardrobe.

Shippo is just a prototype at this point, and not for sale on the Neuro Wear website just yet.


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