We've been looking forward to this Marantz VP-1C1s1 1080p DLP Projector for months, since we first introduced you to it back in mid-April. It's not the first 1080p projector on the market, nor is it the cheapest—Sony, for one, has beaten Marantz by a longshot in availability and price, too—but this is the first projector using Texas instruments' 1080p DLP chip. Not only can it reproduce true 1080p, it also has an image processor from Gennum that up-converts standard definition video to that Holy Grail of high-definition resolutions. And, just look at it. We're liking its retro-dentist's-office-chic appearance.


About the only thing that's like pulling teeth with this product is its price, quoted on the Marantz site at upwards of $20,000, but in April we heard it was going to be selling for more like $15,280 on the street. Either way, this unit can pump out some video we'd like to see. As we mentioned in April (with little gained since then), now all we need is some decent content in 1080p, and we're good to go.

Product Page [Marantz, via SciFi Tech]

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