Marine Corps Captain Exterminates Lego World Record with Extreme Prejudice

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Captain Kyle Ugone isn't just a Navy bruiser—he's a man of finesse, and a lover of small plastic bricks. So much so that he's erected a staggering 1,091 Lego sets, earning him the title of world champion.


According to American Forces Press Service, "Rooms in his Yuma home look as if they belong in a Lego Land theme park, containing hundreds of completed Lego sets separated by genre, such as space, trains, castles and 'Star Wars' sets, displayed on tables and shelves."

You wouldn't think he'd have the time to do all of this while also being a Marine Corps Captain, but hey, the best and the brightest! Now what's he going to do? Destroy it all. His post-record move is extremely zen: "Ugone is slowly taking the sets apart for storage to regain some of the square footage in his home. He's taking a break from collecting Lego sets, planning instead to focus more of his attention on restoring a classic muscle car." Dust to dust. [DoD]



I've been doing something like this, except in reverse. I was a HUGE Lego addict as a child and had a 10x10 foot rug in my basement that was "Lego Island" and had quite a large city built up, with other sets on tables and such. I abandoned it around 2002 when the internet was starting to get popular with my age range.

Then, last summer with the help of my girlfriend, we began taking inventory of every set, downloading a PDF of the instructions and making a database, taking them apart, washing and scrubbing all the pieces, drying them, and storing them in zip-locked bags categorized in plastic boxes. When we buy a house in the coming years, we are going to devote an entire room to make an epic Lego city.

We've also bought just about all the 2011 Lego City sets, the most of the newer 'town' sets (Grand Emporium, etc), and all the current generation of Harry Potter sets. We're kind of crazy