Marriott the Geek Travel Lodge of Choice: Hotels Full of HDTVs by 2009

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Marriott is trying to get with the times by announcing today that all of its chains in the U.S. and Canada will offer HDTV by 2009. Each hotel room will have a standard 32-inch flat-panel, with easy-access plugs for hooking up your laptop, MP3 player, or camcorder. Not bad considering the last two hotels I stayed at were rocking the old CRTs, but personally I would've been a lot happier if they announced all rooms were getting free Wi-Fi.

Marriott Rooms Plug in to HDTV [Crave]

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I have stayed at the QT (NYC) and Hilton (Dallas and Surf City USA) recently and all three were "rocking" high-def CAPABLE widesceen 32" LCD sets, but not one of them actually had HD content. They were all still restricted to the crappy standard LodgeNet service.

Not only that, but they were also fixed to 16:9, so all of the content (normal TV or PPV) looked like Oprah on a bad day.

I completely agree that I would prefer free decent speed WiFi in my room. Heck, I would even pay for decent WiFi as long as it was better than the useless service the Hilton and Hyatt are offering at the moment.

Decent internet means I could watch my on-demand Netflix movies. Well, as long as I brought my XP machine instead of my MacBook...

If you get Hilton Gold VIP, you can pick a free perk, such as a free room upgrade or free internet. The downside is that the internet is still wired.