Marvel's New Star Wars Series Could Be One Of The Biggest Comics Ever

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The Star Wars saga returning to Marvel Comics was always going to be a huge hit, but according to data obtained by, it could be even bigger than even the loftiest expectations - and is on its way into being one of the top-selling single issues in over 20 years.

According to Comic Book, Star Wars #1, which is due out January 15th, is going to sell 1 million copies when it goes on sale - an extremely rare feat for a single issue of a comic book, but a feat that would also make the series the first ever to sell that much without the reach of News stands (over the past few years Marvel has slowly phased its comics out of news stands, favouring to sell through direct Market channels instead). To put that figure into context, since the turn of the 21st century, only 45 comics have sold over only a fifth of that 1 million figure - and only two, Amazing Spider-Man #583 and Amazing Spider-Man #1 from earlier this year, have sold over half a million, at 530,500 and 556,000 issues sold respectively. So Star Wars #1 isn't just set to be top of the table, it's going to be there by a considerable margin. In fact, the last Comic book issue to hit such a milestone was Batman #500 in 1993.

I bet Marvel's really glad they got the rights to the Star Wars comics back thanks to Disney now.



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Stupid question: Since Disney owns Marvel, does that mean that the Marvel Star Wars comics from the 70s and 80s are still canon?

(I'm guessing not.)