For the past 20 years, Mike Addis and Catherine Weightman have built holiday Lego models for their family. And this year they went all-out on a massive 10-ft tall gingerbread house, built with 125,000 bricks. It's a Lego Christmas miracle!

The family tradition began when their son Tom was born 21 years ago and every year the builds get more and more elaborate. Though their children lost interest, Mike and Catherine carried on. Now that their kids are at university they're able to devote more time to their crazy Lego creations. This latest model was designed by Catherine's father, and reflects "Mike's part-German ancestry." Though the build is impressive it's not quite finished yet, "we still have to make a few more sweets and biscuits.” Both parents are convinced their children, now 21, 18 and 15 will find renewed interest in Lego once they're older. Coolest. Parents. Ever. [Cambridge News]

Photos by Matt Power/Geoff Robinson Photography.


Loads more pics here, including this ginormous Lego dalek.


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