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Massive Drone Carries CNN Employee Into the Sky for a Ludicrous Ad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Casey Neistat was a vlogger. Now, he lives among the clouds.

More accurately, he recently quit daily vlogging after selling himself and his app Beme—a product which almost found any good use for—to CNN for something like $25 million.

In his most recent video he partnered with Samsung—the company Apple have been suing for the better part of a decade—which built Neistat a drone capable of lifting him and his outsize aspirations into the sky. Miraculously, the drone did not erupt in a ball of hellfire like the South Korean manufacturing giant’s Galaxy Note 7s were wont to do.

There was a time when Neistat was something of a bad boy among video creators. Back in 2010 he was arrested for throwing a fake baby in front of a subway train. Now CNN employee Casey Neistat is making branded content for an embarrassed smartphone maker.


Correction: The article originally stated that Neistat snowboarded through New York tethered to a cop car. The actual video was markedly less interesting and the author regrets this error.